Surface Water Hydrology

An effective water resources development, management, and conservation plan begins with accurate knowledge of the frequency, distribution, circulation, and quantity of surface water supply. NRCE’s extensive experience in all areas of surface water hydrology allows our staff to analyze and characterize surface water systems from the smallest ungauged creeks to the largest watersheds. We regularly work with existing data sets, establish new monitoring systems, and develop custom models.

Data Collection & Analysis – Our experts conduct the research and field studies needed to make crucial water planning decisions:

• Streamflow Gauge Installation & Monitoring
• Climate & Meteorological Data Analyses
• Instream Flow Analyses
• Streamflow Data Analyses
• Flood Frequency & Probable Maximum Flood Analyses

Computer Modeling – We work with existing models or develop custom water models to meet client needs:

• Precipitation Runoff & Other Hydrologic Models
• Dam-break Analyses
• Streamflow Forecasting
• River System Operation Modeling

Feasibility, Final Design & Watershed Studies – We prepare technical papers and reports to present critical findings:

• Water Demand & Supply Studies
• Sedimentation & Sediment Management Studies
• Dams and Reservoirs
• Reservoir Sizing, Operation, & Management
• Undepleted Flow Analyses
• Water Resources Plans (at the National, Regional, or Local Level)

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