CAD, GIS & GPS Services

Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and satellite imagery software have revolutionized engineering design and analysis and have become indispensable tools in our trade. The tools and software we use are on the absolute cutting edge of engineering design technology and make natural resource and transportation planning not only more accurate but also much more timely and cost-effective. We produce an array of map and design products for fieldwork, data collection, planning, construction, decision support, litigation, presentations, and reports.

Surveys & Mapping – We have mapped surface and subsurface features for integration into existing and new databases:
• Mapping Services
• Data Development & Migration

Modeling & Analysis – Our software and expertise allow for accurate, informed planning and detailed analysis of numerous aspects of any project:
• Spatial Analysis
• Surface Modeling
• Remote Sensing
• Civil Design

System Maintenance & Training – NRCE understands that a GIS database requires extensive upkeep and management. We provide:
• Ongoing Maintenance Plans
• Staff Training for Client-Based Maintenance


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