Agricultural & Irrigation Engineering

NRCE’s engineers help clients assure feasible, cost effective, sensible water resource management for all agricultural applications. Our assessments accurately determine ideal crop selection, target water requirements, and optimal irrigation system design. From detailed feasibility and improvement studies to precise system design, we are an indispensable partner to farming communities.

Surveys & Research – Our in-depth field studies experience enables superior analysis and design:
• Soil Surveys
• Land Suitability Classification
• Site Feasibility Studies
• Mapping of Irrigation Systems
• Site Inspection & System Inventories
• Determination of Historically Irrigated Lands
• Practicably Irrigable Acreage Studies
• Water Use Efficiency & Conservation Studies
• Stockpond Mapping & Stockwater Requirement Determination
• Non-Point Source Pollution Studies

Analysis & Modeling – Decades of modeling expertise remove the guesswork from planning:
• Crop Yield Modeling
• Consumptive Water Analysis
• Agricultural Economic Forecasting
• Canal System Hydraulic Modeling

Planning & System Design – We have provided designs and planning for hundreds of thousands of hectares of land with agricultural potential:
• Crop Selection
• Conveyance & Distribution System Design
• Gravity, Sprinkler, & Drip Irrigation System Design
• Surface & Subsurface Drainage System Design
• Hydraulic Design
• Irrigation Scheduling
• Beneficial Use Guidelines
• Weather Station Placement & Installation
• Water Transfer Plans
• Pollution Mitigation Plans

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