Groundwater Investigations & Modeling

Groundwater supplies are a critical adjunct to surface water supplies, in many cases forming the largest component in a given water resources plan. NRCE’s wealth of groundwater resources experience allows for custom-tailored solutions for each client and every project.

Exploration & Mapping – From interpretation of aerial photography and satellite imagery to numerical modeling, we ensure a complete analysis of groundwater availability:
• Hydrogeological Characterization & Database Development
• Groundwater Exploration & Modeling
• Springs & Wells Inventory & Mapping

Analyses & System Integration – We employ a variety of proven techniques to confirm that water resources, once identified, are reasonably accessible and suitable for each project’s given purpose:
• Well Drilling Program Design & Implementation
• Aquifer Pumping Tests
• System Design, Costing, & Feasibility Assessment

Resource Management – Once a new groundwater supply is established, we are proficient in the development of tools for wellfield management to meet ongoing needs:
• Monitoring Plans
• Drought Contingency Plans
• Wellhead Protection Plans
• Water Conservation Plans

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