Toker Water Supply Project, Eritrea

Client: Department of Water Resources
Project: Toker Water Supply Project, Eritrea

NRCE was contracted by the Government of Eritrea (GOE) to design a dam, pumping plant and pipeline to augment the municipal water supply of the city of Asmara. The designed facilities comprised a 63-meter high dam and a pumping plant and pipeline to deliver approximately 7 million cubic meters of water per year. NRCE, as prime contractor, directed some of the efforts to Woodward-Clyde Consultants and Black & Veatch. NRCE was responsible for topographic mapping, hydrological characterization, water quality appraisal, surveying, geotechnical support, design estimates, and construction document preparation.

NRCE performed critical preliminary design tasks which facilitated the design of the structures. Tasks included: hydrologic modeling of the Toker Basin and sediment sampling (performed during the rainy season of 1995); estimation of sediment yield and distribution in the reservoir; water quality modeling of the proposed reservoir; and reservoir sizing analyses to determine the dam height and incremental cost of delivered water.

NRCE also assisted the government by preparing construction bid documents, coordinating the international competitive bidding (ICB) process, and securing funding from international funding agencies. NRCE was responsible for coordinating the Government of Eritrea and the International Contractor on this project. NRCE also provided support to the Government in meeting the requirements of the funding agency in regards to negotiating the loan agreements. Once funding was secure, NRCE provided construction management and oversight services for the project.

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