Environmental & Watershed Studies

Every year, as the fragile balance within our environment becomes more apparent, the general populace achieves a greater understanding that sensible resource management is the key to our own future. As this realization spreads, the need for comprehensive environmental and watershed studies and planning has become paramount. NRCE’s expertise in hydrology, water resources, land management, agricultural production, and water use has become invaluable in understanding, preserving, and planning for future generations. The range of our diverse technical capabilities renders NRCE exceptionally well qualified to address a broad range of watershed evaluations.

Planning & Studies – We provide insight on many ways to protect precious water resources:
• Integrated Watershed Planning
• Source Water Protection Planning
• Drainage Master Planning
• Water Quality & Environmental Studies
• Environmental Assessments
• Watershed Characterizations
• Non-Point Source Pollution Studies
• Pollution Mitigation Plans

Design & Analysis – We have the proven tools to develop effective systems:
• Hydrological Analyses
• Drainage Infrastructure Design
• Floodplain Mapping
• Stormwater Modeling
• Permitting Requirements

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