Keren Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Project

Client: Libyan Arab Investment Company (LAAICO)
Project: Keren Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Project

In response to anticipated increased water demands, combined with the limitations of the existing water system, the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Eritrea contracted with NRCE to conduct a feasibility study and preliminary design for a water supply project for the city of Keren and its environs (Keren Water Supply Project). In this project, NRCE accomplished the following:

  • Provided an analysis of the water and wastewater infrastructure needs of Keren and the organizational requirements to administer the facilities;
  • Evaluated alternatives to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure and select the best options to meet the city’s needs;
  • Provided a master plan-level program for water and wastewater infrastructure development for Keren for the next 50 years;
  • Prepared a feasibility study for the Keren Water Supply Project;
  • Prepared a preliminary design of the preferred water supply development alternative to define specific project requirements, project costs, implementation schedule, and phasing options; and
  • Prepared a preliminary design report sufficient to secure funding.

In the feasibility study, the water supply, treatment, and distribution requirements for the city and surrounding villages throughout a 50-year planning period were developed. NRCE also developed the feasibility-level design and cost estimation of water supply, treatment and distribution facilities, as well as wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

Upon completion of the feasibility study, an off-stream reservoir site was recommended as the preferred alternative. Using Autodesk’s Land Desktop 2005 software, preliminary designs, and later a final design packet, was created for a diversion dam, supply canal, sediment control facilities, roller-compacted concrete embankment, raw water pipeline, hydropower generation facilities, water treatment plant, and treated water pipeline. Construction cost estimates and analysis of project financial performance were also prepared, along with an environmental impact assessment and mitigation plan.

Numerous CADD figures accompanied the development and success of this project. Here are two example construction figures of the main dam:


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