Assad Safadi, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President

Assad Safadi, Ph.D. photo

Dr. Safadi has decades of experience in water resources engineering. As Senior Vice President of NRCE, he is the lead technical supervisor, providing oversight to more than 20 technical staff at four NRCE offices, and coordinating projects among them. Dr. Safadi’s specialties include the evaluation of irrigation systems, the conceptual and detailed design of water development scenarios, and investigations of water uses. He has interpreted land classification information, estimated irrigation water requirements, estimated growing seasons, researched crop water requirements for various locations, and has assessed the suitability of surface and groundwater quality for irrigating agricultural crops in drainage basins in the western United States. Dr. Safadi has published several papers on the results of his research of irrigation applications, and has developed computer models for crop water use computation, cropping pattern analysis, and crop yields. He also provides expert witness testimony for water rights cases, and works with other U.S. expert witnesses in preparation of general stream adjudications, preparing expert witness reports on crop water requirements and agricultural depletions. Dr. Safadi provides technical guidance to Federal and Tribal attorneys during water rights litigation and negotiation cases, coordinates technical work among various experts, and is the lead technical expert in water rights negotiations for the United States and several Tribes.

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