FTP Client Access

You may access the NRCE FTP server using one of these methods:

Using a Web Browser:

You may click the link below to access the FTP site in your current browser session.


You will be prompted for a username and a password.

*Note, using a web browser will only allow you to download files, as there is no provision in web browsers to upload files.

If you need to upload files, use one of the following methods:

In a Windows File Explorer Session:

In windows file explorer, click in the address bar that shows what folder you are viewing, and copy/paste in the following: ftp://ftp.nrce.com

Then press enter. You will be prompted for a username and a password.

Note, Using the ftp protocol is not as secure as using a secure ftp client.


In a FTP client program:

In a FTP client, such as Winscp, you may use one of several protocols.

The Server supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS and SCP.

The server host name/address will be ftp.nrce.com.

The username/password will be the one issued to you by your contact at NRCE.