• Integrity & VisionIntegrity & Vision

    All of us at NRCE understand that water resources, irrigation, and municipal water and wastewater engineering demand both niche specialization and high-level direction for virtually every project. Our approach, at its most fundamental level, requires integrity and vision. Our adherence to the details that go into research, planning, analysis, system design, implementation, and monitoring make us the ultimate specialists.

  • Growth & DiversificationGrowth & Diversification

    From its inception, NRCE has handled every project comprehensively—leaving no question unanswered, no option untested. We have become a powerful partner at any stage, any aspect, any level of civil, environmental, and water resources engineering consultation. Our work has spanned continents and countries, and continues to spread it’s range across the globe as we pursue new international projects.



NRCE is engaged in all levels of project development, management, and design, from preliminary data collection to construction management. All services are customized to meet client demands from appraisal-level feasibility studies to detailed engineering design reports, investigations, expert witness testimony, and project management oversight. Our work covers virtually every aspect of civil, water resource, and environmental engineering, with projects in the United States and overseas.

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